The fight's not over!
Buy the debut maxi-single from Deacon Oz, "Like Flames," today and a portion of proceeds will be donated to the Human Rights Campaign's ongoing fight for marriage equality in all 50 states.
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06.26.2013 NEWS RELEASE
Seconds after the U.S. Supreme Court defeated DOMA and Prop 8, Deacon Oz released his victory anthem, "Like Flames."

24 year old Oz wanted his debut single to make a defining statement for himself as a performer. When he learned about the Supreme Court cases, he asked his producer/partner, Richard Ray, what they could do.

"Richard has a kind of scary memory," Oz says, "and right away he tracked down the rights for 'Like Flames,'" a 1986 MTV hit for the band Berlin (better known for the song, "Take My Breath Away.")

The pair produced the song as a dance anthem with elements ranging from anthemic guitar power chords to jungle techno beats. Forceful, emotive vocals from Oz give lyrics like, "Once we would beg and we would plead/but now we demand," a spirited air for the social revolution taking place around gay culture.

"It was really exciting," Ray says. "We were working on it literally up to the last second. I was putting finishing touches on the website with CNBC on in the background, and the last upload completed right after they announced Prop 8 was defeated."

Ray, 45, recalls the long journey of gay marriage rights. "I remember being in a bar in 1986, the year 'Like Flames' was first released. I was talking to an older gentleman, and we were remarking how far the gay community had come up until then.

"But, he was adamant that we would never see gay marriage in the U.S. He was just chained to his old beliefs, and got really defensive when I suggested the fight wasn't over, and there were battles yet to be won."

For his part, Oz looks forward to new challenges. "Change and growth are inevitable, but not without a fight. That's what the song is all about, to me, anyway."

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